Gua Scha Body Oils

Gua Scha Body Oils

Specifically designed for the clinician who preforms manual services & body therapies such as Gua Scha, Physical Therapy, Message Therapy, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Asian Bodywork Therapy & Sports Injury tissue recovery therapy. 

A great blend to find relief for many different kinds of discomfort.

Arnica montana is traditionally applied on unbroken skin for relief from pain due to inflammation, bruises, blows, strains & soreness after overwork.

Calendula officinalis is traditionally applied to skin for relief from irritation & inflammation & to aid wound healing.

Base Contains 

Jojoba oil, Arnica montana & Calendula officinalis flowers, essential oil of Helichrysum italicum.   

Our products are not intended for internal use or consumption. Specialty Body Oils do not contain stabilizers, emulsifiers, or artificial ingredients. To ensure an even mixture shake well before each use. For more details please refer to the About page & Terms of Use.     

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